If You love reading, and you are much taken with Teen Contemporary Romances,
If You are 11 and up, and care about things like growing up, friendship, teen emotions and feelings, or facts of life,
Join us to start up a reading club “Jenny Han Fans”!
Jenny Han is a Korean-American author who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She writes her bestselling books in New York cafes, on the subway, and in other people's houses. She is a former children's bookseller and children's librarian. This is an initiative of the French High School student Radina Veleva. See her review of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” (Book 1 of the “Summer” trilogy):
Jenny Han is a Korean-American author who may be in her 30s but is, as she says, “pretty much a 16-year-old at heart.” Having the dream of being an author since she was only a child, she never gave up on this path and her patience and perseverance repaid as she published her first book Shug in 2006. Later her talent was recognized when her next novel The Summer I Turned Pretty became a New York Times Bestseller.
The plot of The Summer I Turned Pretty is not only able to warm the hearts of people of any age with its young love and the occasional chapters dedicated to past summers, but it also touches on other topics that are way more complicated and serious, overwhelmingly heartbreaking and unavoidable. With this marvelous concoction of both happy and sad moments, this book offers themes closer to reality than one might think from reading the title— troubled teenagers, hidden feelings and even illness.
Han has a way of beautifully presenting not only her story, but her characters as well. In an interview, she revealed her special talent of nicknaming everything that somehow helped her while writing her novels. In the Summer trilogy, the protagonist— Isabel “Belly” Conklin—is a really sweet and insecure girl, who at the age of 16 (in the first book) is finally recognized by her childhood crush Conrad Fisher and his brother Jeremiah. The two boys, their mother Susannah and the Conklin family spend the summers together in a house in Cousins Beach.
But the year when Belly turns 16 is different. That year, past and present times collide to create the beautiful story unraveled in 276 pages. Belly is now grown but can’t shake off her childhood insecurities and it takes a few unexpected situations followed by a few realizations for her to understand—that summer everything is different. Her blooming beauty can, and will, cause the Fisher brothers to treat her as never before.
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